Information Technologies

Ceres Transportation Group, Inc maintains a computer system and communications network that operates on a real time basis linking all Ceres offices. Our system supports our service commitments to customers by tracking shipment status from pick up to delivery. In addition to performing multiple internal operational, accounting and reporting functions, our computer systems also assures our customers of accurate and timely billing through automated rating and invoices.

Some of the services currently available to our customers are

Internet Access (

For Independent electronic access, Ceres offers internal communications from E-mail to live shipment tracking.

Virtual Private Database

Ceres's computer system will allow customers to enter bills into a private database. The database can only be accessed with the proper User ID and Password. The database will allow the customer to save consignee information to be used for future shipments. Once a customer has entered a shipment, the program will dispatch the shipment to the appropriate office.

Tracing/Tracking Capabilities

Our database can be directly accessed for up-to-the-minute information and shipment status. Shipments can be tracked by bill number or customer number. The system stores the last two weeks of activity.

Customized Reporting

Management reports can be created to meet customer's specifications enabling information to be displayed in a preferred format.

Electronic Data Interchange (E.D.I.)

E.D.I. reduces paperwork, telephone calls, and manual entry. It also improves data accuracy, speed of communications, and service.

  • Complete E.D.I. capability is available including information status, tracking, freight details, invoicing, and electronic transfer of funds
  • Both proprietary and standardized transactions are acceptable
  • Multiple access options such as direct communication with our computer or through a third party source/value added network (VAN) are offered

The system can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.