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Opportunities at Ceres

Ceres is continuously searching for qualified people to open new offices throughout the nation. We look for an aggressive, self-motivated person or persons who has transportation experience and a working knowledge of the interested market. Unlike other franchise agreements, Ceres feels that we have created a unique agreement that not only protects the franchiser but also greatly rewards the franchisee. Our commitment to your agency includes the following…

  • No start up fees.
  • National accounts with airlines and LTL/TL carriers.
  • National Network of local pickup and delivery carriers.
  • Corporate responsibility for all Transportation payables.
  • Shared responsibility on account receivable and bad debt money.
  • Corporate support available on Sales, Administration and Business Plan.
  • Commissions based on net profit.
  • Commissions paid in 14 days.
  • Complete software programs.
  • Exclusive market territory.
If you are interested please e-mail or call 704-329-7113 and speak with David Martin or a Ceres representative.